Viasat, Inc. and/or its affiliated entities act as the data “controllers” (or a similarly defined term in applicable privacy laws) of your personal data and are responsible for its processing, unless we state otherwise in this Privacy Notice. While Viasat, Inc. generally will operate as the main decision maker as to the processing of personal data subject to this Privacy Notice, the following table provides additional details on Viasat entities that are controllers of your personal data for certain Mobility Services. For clarity, this Privacy Notice does not apply where Viasat processes personal data in the role of a data processor (as this and similar terms are defined in various privacy laws) on behalf of our customers.



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Viasat Entity

Data Controller Status / Services

Viasat, Inc. (U.S.) 
6155 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA

    Data controller for Mobility Services offered in the U.S., the European Economic Area, and other geographies where the Mobility Services are available, except as otherwise stated in this Addendum.

Inmarsat Global Ltd.
99 City Road
London, EC1Y 1AX
Data controller for Mobility Services provided to end users under the Inmarsat Global Ltd Terms of Service.
Viasat Brasil Serviços de Comunicações Ltda. (Brazil)
Av. Engenheiro Luís Carlos Berrini
105 Unit 301 - 30th Flr, Tower 04 - Cidade Monções
São Paulo - SP 04571-010 

    Data controller for the Mobility Services offered by Viasat in Brazil.

Viasat Tecnología, S.A. de C.V (Mexico)

Montes Urales 754, piso 3, colonia Lomas de

Chapultepec, alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11000

Mexico City, Mexico

    Data controller for the Mobility Services offered by Viasat in Mexico.

Viasat Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

Suite 3158 SPACES

Menara Prestige

No. 1 Jalan Pinang

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +60122929067

    Data user, or the nominated representative of Viasat, Inc. for Mobility Services offered by Viasat in Malaysia.